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Making Money with Google Adsense Ads

How to Make Money with Your Website

Making money with Google Adsense ads is not hard. Just use our tutorials to start to amke money with your website.


Learn how to make money with your website

Once you have your site set up and at least 30 pages of content built, it's time to start thinking about monetizing the traffic that's starting to come your way.

Running Google Adsense ads on your web pages is one of the most common – and the easiest – ways to make money from a website. Even beginners can usually figure out how to place ads on their websites.

I know you've seen these ads... there's some running right above the picture on this page (and again at the bottom). Google picks up cues on your page about what the page is about and attempts to run related ads that will hopefully attract your visitors.

What Is Adsense?

You can make money with Google Adsense if you go about it right

People who are selling products or services on the Web... or even those who just want to promote a website... can opt to pay for small advertisements to run on Google search pages or on other websites, for a fee.

The advertisers bid to pay a certain amount of money per click. In other words, when someone clicks on one of their ads, they pay the amount they bid, or example 50 cents per click.

You agree to have these ads displayed on your site in return for a share of the proceeds paid to Google. In other words, Google pays you a commission for running the ad.

But can you make money with Google Adsense that is of a significant amount? Is it really worth "junking up" your site with unattractive ads? Many people, including me, have enjoyed significant earnings from Adsense and Adsense alternatives. So, it's certainly worth a try, isn't it?

How to Make Money with Your Website Tutorials

Google Adsense ads are a basic way to make money with your website, not the only way, but a great way for most people. The tutorials below will help you get started with that and other methods.

  • How to qualify/sign up for a Google Adsense account
  • How to customize & optimize your ad units
  • How to set up and use Adsense channels
  • Steps to adding Adsense ads to your site
  • Testing & tracking your money making activities
  • Incorporating Google Analytics
  • Working with Affiliate Links
  • Implementing Adsense alternatives

In Summary...

Making money with Google Adsense is just one way to make money with your website, but it's a great way!

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Advanced Skills

The tutorials below are for web owners who have mastered the basics and are ready for the next level.

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